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            As a world-renowned supplier of furniture paint, Viron has been focusing on providing customers with professional painting solutions since its establishment in Shanghai, China in 2007, developing and producing high-quality water-based paint and UV paint, and continuously supporting customers Improve product quality.
            Viron makes efforts to solve the problems in the development of furniture painting technology without fear of challenges, helps customers to advance manufacturing, and successfully carries out environmental protection upgrade.
            Viron set up production base and sales center in Malaysia in 2014, technical laboratory and sales center in Thailand in 2016, technical service center in Vietnam in 2019, and factory and sales center in Indonesia in 2020 Sales center.The technical experts of Viron can quickly respond to the market demand, provide  technical support and service for global customers, and develop technical breakthrough coating solutions.
            Through honest management, Viron has established a good cooperative relationship with customers and provided an innovative platform for excellent employees.

            We create value for customers through professional services, meet consumers' yearning for a better life, and make due contributions to the sustainable development of the earth。
            Service hotline:86-21-57629090
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