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            Viron Innovation (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd is a foreign-funded enterprise established in Shanghai in 2007. It has been dedicated to the R & D, production, sales and technical services of water-based and UV environmental protection furniture coatings. We love fusion: the advanced technology and experience of Sweden, a Nordic country famous for pursuing safety, and the diligence and research spirit of Chinese people make us a close partner of furniture enterprises in the field of environmental protection.

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            Product Type WB 1K WB 2K PU WB UV UV 100% Furniture Oil
            Description Water borne coating:1 component Water borne coating:2 components(base and hardener) UV curable WB coating UV curable coating Solvent-free vegetable oil
            Comparison replace NC replace solvent borne PU achieve the same hardness and surface resistance as solvent borne PU achieve higher hardness and surface resistance than solvent borne PU ?
            • · low VOC
            • · good film performance
            • · easy application with traditional equipment
            • · non-flammable
            • · low VOC
            • · high film performance/surface resistance
            • · easy application with traditional equipment
            • · non-flammable
            • · very low VOC
            • · very high film performance/surface resistance
            • · easy to use on spray line with high production efficiency
            • · recyclable
            • · almost no VOC
            • · highest film performance/surface resistance
            • · very high production efficiency/drying in a second
            • · recyclable;lowest/m2 cost
            • · no VOC
            • · easy to use in various conditions
            • · no need for intermediate sanding
            • · no waste,very economical
            • · easy to maintain
            Application Method
            • · spraying(manual/auto/electrostatic),vacuum coating,roller coating,curtain coating,dipping
            • · oven drying
            • · spraying(manual/auto)
            • · oven drying
            • · has pot life
            • · auto-spraying,roller coating,vacuum coating,curtain coating,dipping
            • · need application line
            • · roller coating,vacuum coating,auto-spraying,curtain coating
            • · need application line
            • · wiping roller coating,vacuum coating

            Why choose us

            Focus on water-based and UV and other environmental protection furniture paint

            40 years of technology and experience

            Meet the high standard of chemical requirements

            5 product categories

            10 years of cooperation with IKEA

            Leading technology solutions

            Export and overseas cooperation

            sustainable development

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            • Headquarters:86-21-57629090 86-21-57629000
            • Fax:86-21-57629111
            • Sales Manager: Miss Xu 13764619776
            • Add: NO.176 Gaoji Road, Sijing Town, Songjiang District,Shanghai
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